Why has Spring not yet Sprung?

April is a month that I typically associate with temperatures beginning to rise, flowers starting to waken from their winter naps, clear blue skies, admittedly a few showers  (the phrase “April showers” does get it’s roots somewhere). For the most part though, I have, in my last thirty years on earth, found it to be a pleasant, bright, relatively warm month, which considering I grew up in Scotland, somewhere not exactly renowned for its nice weather, is somewhat of a miracle. Therefore I have greeted the start of my first April in Canada with optimism and more than a hint of excitement at the prospect of spring arriving and summer being just around the corner. And while the last few days have indeed saw those beautiful blue skies I was hoping for, you can forgive me if I am a little disappointed by the real feel of minus 11° that we are experiencing today in Montreal. -11°, really??? Come on!

snow pic 6Now I know that in comparison to the winters that Montrealers have experienced in recent years we got it fairly “mild” this year – I still struggle to comprehend that the freezing temperatures and snow we experienced over the last five months can be described as “mild” but I am reliably informed that this is indeed the case. This does not bode well for my second Canadian winter.

Mildness aside, we have still, I believe, given winter a fair shot, and I would even go as far as to say I have fully embraced my first winter across the pond. I have thrown myself into winter sports, kept my moaning about the cold/snow/ice rain ( who knew this was even a thing?!) to an absolute minimum and I have actually, probably due to the novelty of it, really enjoyed seeing and photographing the beauty that the white stuff gives to everything (we’ll skip over the grey, slippy sludge that it leaves in it’s wake).

snow pic 1

However, with April’s arrival I am now 100% ready to hang up my highly effective but huge and heavy winter coat which I have practically lived in since November, and swap my furry, super comfortable, but not exactly high fashion snow boots for pretty flip flops and even prettier wedges.

I was sure that I was indeed onto a winner here. I could practically smell spring’s arrival. The snow had melted and the temperature, finally, for the first time in months, was above freezing (after a Canadian winter even 1° feels practically tropical) but looking at the weather forecast for the coming week and seeing that little snow symbol featuring more than once, as well as a current temperature which in Scotland could only be described as “baltic “a lovely Scottish term which translates as more than a little chilly, I am starting to feel decidedly less optimistic about April….

Spring your time has now come, reveal yourself!



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