A Short and Sweet Post

So it seems that I missed a trick last summer. How this happened I don’t know but I didn’t discover La Diperie, an absolutely lovely ice cream parlour in the Plateau until a couple of weeks ago. Actually that’s a lie. I first discovered it on Instagram a few weeks before that and have been stalking their Instagram page ever since (@ladiperie check it out and you will see why) but it wasn’t until a very sunny Victoria Day that I managed to finally pay it a visit.

Their original location (they also have a new store in the Monkland area of the city) is situated on Avenue des Pins at the corner of Avenue Coloniale and as we approached I could see the queue trailing down the street. We joined the end of the long queue wondering could ice cream really ever be worth queueing for. It would seem that yes, it can be. Opened in 2014, they specialise in dipped ice cream, soft serve vanilla dipped in a chocolate flavour of your choosing (literally every flavour imaginable is there) and then topped with any topping of your choice, again you will be hard pushed to desire a topping that they don’t have. I’m not exaggerating, they have over 27 different options.



If the choice of toppings is too much for you, as it was me, the establishment offers some suggestions for tasty, winning combinations. The signature La Diperie cone is dipped in velvet milk chocolate and topped with diced almonds and caramel ganache.


I tried their Le Rocher, which is praline chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, and it really was absolutely delicious.


How this little treasure escaped my notice last summer I don’t know but it will definitely be a firm favourite this summer, much to the dismay of my diet 🙂 Though ice cream this good is worth breaking the diet over.

Points to note

  • Expect to queue but trust me it’s worth it
  • They only accept cash
  • It’s messy as hell to eat, especially on a hot day so make sure and grab a couple of napkins
  • The portions are huge and it’s incredibly filling so either don’t eat beforehand or order small.




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