The End of Autumn

Walking around Montreal today and hearing the leaves crunching under my feet there is now no doubting that autumn is packing up it’s bags and preparing to leave the city. It seems no time at all since it arrived; though actually we’ve had a rather long autumn this year, by Montreal standards. The arrival of autumn is always a little bittersweet for me as it of course signals the end of summer. We had a lovely summer and this sun worshipper was extremely sad to see the last of it. But despite this I can’t help but love autumn and what it brings.

Autumn may be one of the shorter seasons here but what it lacks in length it certainly makes up for in beauty. Instagram filters are no longer required come autumn in Montreal, the city does a sterling job of making itself quite stunning enough already. I don’t ever remember appreciating autumn when we were back in the U.K., definitely not in the way I do here. I’m not sure if this is because the seasons are so much more defined here, you can actually pinpoint the days where summer ends and autumn begins whereas back in Scotland our unpredictable weather makes the change of seasons a little more hazy. Regardless of the reasons behind it I have definitely, since moving to Montreal, became a great lover of this season.

I feel the need to constantly have my camera in my bag at the moment and I definitely take more pictures in autumn than I do at any other time of the year, as everything is just so pretty. The colours of the trees are indescribable in their vibrance, making me feel at times like I have stepped right onto a Hollywood movie set. William Cullen Bryant described it as, “Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile.” and I can’t help but agree with him.


Autumn also brings with it a different array of activities, pumpkin carving. apple picking, Halloween and as much as I adore the picnics, pool days and BBQ’s of summer there’s something quite lovely about spending an autumn afternoon wrapped up in a big cosy jumper with a hot mug of tea and your favourite book. I spend the summer months feeling that I need to make the most of every single sunny day (It’s the Scot in me, I still can’t get used to having an actual summer) so autumn for me brings with it a bit of a reprieve – ‘You don’t want to go out today? Well that’s okay you don’t have to, it’s chilly anyway. Why don’t you grab a blanket and put a boxset on?” Oh, okay autumn if you insist 🙂

I don’t spend all of my autumn days in the house though, I promise! I love nothing more on a cool and crisp day than getting wrapped up and taking a long walk, dog and camera in tow. My dog Max loves autumn as well – summer is too warm for him to walk too far and in winter he has to wear snow boots (it’s required in Montreal to protect his little paws, it’s not a fashion statement) but Max detests these boots (in his defence they do make him walk a bit like a camel so I can see his point) but these autumn days are perfect for him to go on long walks and if there’s a big pile of leaves for him to throw himself into, well, even better.

As I watch the leaves fall from the trees now and the temperature slowly start to drop a few degrees (we’ve been very lucky with how mild November has been so far) I am very aware that winter is just around the corner and with it a large dusting of snow and sub zero temperatures will come. Winter is a magical time in Montreal and I’m really excited for it (you can tell I’m still relatively new to the city as the novelty hasn’t worn off yet) but for now I’m going to cling onto autumn as long as possible, as I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to it just yet.



11 thoughts on “The End of Autumn

  1. Wendy says:

    “The years loveliest last smile” – what a beautiful description. I love the Autumn – even here in the UK, the colours are amazing in the trees right now although not quite a spectacular as those in your pictures… Yes .. I love the last smile.. x

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