May the Christmas Cheer Commence!

Today is the 1st of December which in our house means it is now officially time for the Christmas fun and festivities to begin. Up until this date I purposefully avoid all signs of Christmas. I swallow back down any Christmas thoughts I have, force myself not to smile at any decorations I see and turn the channel if I see a Christmas movie is on TV. I am completely and utterly unwilling to enter into anything Christmas related until 1st December. No Christmas cheer, nothing, zilch, nada… Other than Strabuck’s Christmas drinks, that skinny gingerbread latte should be enjoyed as many times as possible while it’s here!

I’m not Scrooge, far from it; I absolutely love Christmas but I love Christmas in December. I don’t love Christmas in November, and I definitely don’t love Christmas in October….who are you people?! Starting to celebrate early, I feel, causes Christmas to lose some of it’s magic. And it is magical. For the next 25 days I will love throwing myself into everything Christmas related. But if I’d started that a month ago by now I would be losing my excitement for it, and quite possibly the will to live too!

But now that December 1st is here it’s perfectly acceptable for me to get excited and this year I am really excited. This will be our first Christmas in Canada, (we travelled back to Scotland for Christmas last year) and my parents arrive in 15 days…not that I’m counting, to join us for the holidays. Although I’m really sad at the thought of being apart from the other members of our families at Christmas and not seeing our friends over the holidays I am also so excited to spend Christmas in Montreal.


I’m excited to watch the city turn itself into a Christmas wonderland, and to visit all of the wonderful festive activities that the city has to offer over the coming month – Christmas markets, outdoor cinemas, outdoor ice skating rinks, the largest Christmas tree in Canada……I think we’re going to be busy. But most of all I’m excited to make new traditions and create some amazing memories, and maybe, if we’re very lucky, also get a white Christmas 🙂


So for now it’s time to look out the Christmas jumpers, get the mulled wine on the go, buy a tree and decorations, do our Christmas shopping, and of course eat, drink and be merry. That diet can wait till January!



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