Every time a bell rings…

One of my favourite pastimes at Christmas is escaping the cold, and in Montreal the snow; and curling up in my pyjamas, with a hot chocolate  (I have recently developed a great love for Bailey’s hot chocolate which is not remotely diet friendly but is incredibly festive), and watching a Christmas movie. This is one of the activities that I hold off on until December 1st so I am then able to savour it for the whole month of December.

There are some truly wonderful Christmas movies to choose from but I have to say that the old ones are definitely the best. In recent years there just hasn’t been the same calibre of Christmas movie. The most recent ones that I have really enjoyed include ‘Elf’, which graced our screens for the first time in 2003, still some 13 years ago. For me this is Will Ferrell at his best, a giant elf searching for his father in New York City, comedy gold.

Another wonderful Christmas film that came out the same year as ‘Elf’, is the romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’. It’s fairly cheesy but in a good way and it has a stellar cast, portraying the stories of a group of Londoners at Christmas whose stories are all interlinked but which all share the one common theme, love. I’m a sucker for a rom com so ‘The Holiday’ also gets my vote. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet both fed up with their lives and about to spend Christmas alone decide to do a house swap from LA to the English countryside and in doing so find themselves getting more than they bargained for from their agreement. It was slightly more recent, being released in 2006 but in the ten years since it’s release I’m afraid there haven’t been any that have really captured my Christmas spirit.

My all time favourite Christmas film is one of the oldest ones there is, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, telling the story of George Bailey who, falling upon bad times, contemplates suicide; only to be visited by his guardian angel who shows him what life would be like if he had never existed. It may not sound like the happiest of Christmas stories but if you haven’t seen it stick with it, I promise it’s worth it. I absolutely adore it and it’s famous quote “Every time a bell rings an angel somewhere gets their wings”. In Glasgow the GFT (Glasgow Film Theatre) shows it in the run up to Christmas and I was delighted to find that a number of the cinemas in Montreal also screen it and I already have my tickets booked to go see it on the 22nd. There’s something about seeing this magical Christmas film up on the big screen that feels so festive and puts you right into the Christmas spirit. It’s also a very good way of reminding yourself of the true message of Christmas.

I didn’t actually watch It’s A Wonderful Life until I was an adult but once I did it became my firm favourite. However my other close contenders for the top spot are all ones that I watched as a child and when watching them I am magically transported back to that age again. Christmas films have a special ability to do this as they’re a little bit of magic. They undoubtedly have a happy ending (I’m the person that turns Titanic off once the boat starts to sink so I love this) and there’s usually a heartfelt, feel good message to them too. You never feel bad after watching a Christmas movie.

‘Home Alone’ and it’s New York sequel are prime examples of what makes a good Christmas film – a cute kid beating the bad guy(s) and ultimately getting their Christmas wish. ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ is another classic which I always love, where Macy’s Santa Claus, Kris Kringle helps little Susan to ‘Believe’ in Santa and the magic of Christmas. I have never actually seen the original 1947 version of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ but it is on my to watch list this year. I can’t quite believe that the remake is 22 years old this year!

There are numerous other Christmas crackers (pardon the pun) worthy of watching. The many variations of ‘A Christmas Carol’ are always worth a watch and ‘Santa Claus: The Movie’ which came out the year I was born will always be one that I watch over the festive period.

Whatever your favourite Christmas film is I hope you get the chance to enjoy it over the holidays and with it, to bring a little Christmas cheer to a cosy afternoon or evening. Don’t forget your Bailey’s hot chocolate!


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