Happy New Year -Let’s Hope It’s A Good One

2016 has been the quickest year of my life so far so it’s hard to believe that it’s Hogmanay again already; it feels like no time has passed since last New Year’s Eve. 2016 for the most part was really pretty good to us. We’ve had a ball on the second year of our Canadian adventure. We learned to ski and snowboard (albeit not very well!), we celebrated Mark’s 30th, visited Boston, Quebec City, Las Vegas,Toronto and Niagara Falls and had a lovely trip back to Scotland to see our families. We met our friends’ beautiful babies and watched people we love get married. We had friends and family make the trip out to visit us and got to spend some lovely quality time with them. We spent a night in a lighthouse in Rhode Island, achieving a childhood dream of mine and I finally found a job here. It was also the year I started this blog and took time to write, something I have always wanted to do. Mark ran the Montreal marathon and raised over £1600 for Cancer Research UK. We also spent our first Christmas in Canada.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a really good year but I know for many 2016 hasn’t been so good. So for all those reflecting back today and feeling that 2016 let them down, I hope that 2017 is better for you. I hope it brings you happiness and everything that you hope for. The start of a new year is a fresh start; a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. So let’s try, where possible (I know it isn’t always that easy) to leave any negativity or troubles we’re carrying with us, here in 2016 and not take them through to the next year.

Our current Canadian visas are up at the start of May so 2017 is full of uncertainty for us; we enter the year not knowing where we’ll be calling home and with some pretty big decisions to make about our future. I feel positive about this though, life is an adventure and whatever is meant to be, will be. I hope that whatever happens and wherever we end up this time next year, be it Montreal, Scotland or somewhere else entirely, that we will still be happy. That’s all you can ask for in this life is to be happy. Love, health and happiness, nothing else matters.

So as the clock strikes 12 tonight, first in Scotland and then five hours later in Montreal we’ll raise our glasses twice to wish all those we love and care about, a very happy new year full of everything you wish for. A year of love, health and happiness for you and yours. And then we’ll raise our glasses again to toast absent friends, those we love that haven’t made it this far. The next year is a gift that not everyone gets, so be sure to do your damnedest to make it a good one!

Happy Hogmanay everyone and here’s to a great 2017 when it comes! xxx


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